PSYONIC Wins Cozad New Venture Competition

Bretl Research Group spin-off startup PSYONIC won first prize at the University of Illinois Cozad New Venture Competition for university-funded startups. Co-Founders Aadeel Akhtar and Patrick Slade pitched the startup, gave demos and showed videos detailing the group's low-cost myo-electric prosthetic hand with sensory feedback. PSYONIC won $10,000 for winning first prize, and also won the $15,000 Samsung Research Innovation Award. More details can be found from the Technology Entrepreneurship Center. Aadeel and Patrick were also featured in an article for the university's I-STEM program after having demonstrated the hand at Leal Elementary school a couple weeks prior. PSYONIC has also been accepted to the iVenture Accelerator program at Research Park, where they will receive an additional $10,000 in funds as well as mentoring and guidance from industry experts.